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Registration Number 91370882397332037W
name Shandong Haokun Runtu Water Conservancy Equipment Co., Ltd.
residence Houzhaizi Village, Xinxu Town, Yinzhou District, Jining City (east of Huaqin Industrial Park, Jiwei Highway)
Legal representative Wang Xingting
Registered capital (10,000 yuan) 10 million RMB
Date of establishment June 11, 2014
Operating period June 11, 2014 to June 10, 2064
Business Scope RF card irrigation controller, electrical automation equipment, low-voltage electrical equipment, remote water resources monitoring equipment, soil moisture remote control equipment, sprinkler irrigation equipment, drip irrigation equipment, water saving equipment, submersible pumps, smart water meters, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, biological organic fertilizer, Production and sales of integrated water and fertilizer equipment; intelligent R & D, technology transfer, and technical consultation of water conservancy equipment information; sales of electronic products, instruments, cables, cement products, pipelines, and water hydrants; construction of water conservancy projects. (Projects that are subject to approval according to law can only be operated after approval by relevant departments)

The company promises that the above information is truthfully released by the unit based on the content of the business license.

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